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Gostas de Roleplaying Games? Jogos em que a narrativa é o ponto central e em que é construída uma história em conjunto? Estás com sorte, porque estamos a sortear vários livros de RPG! Cada livro será atribuído a uma rifa diferente, o que aumenta as tuas hipóteses de ganhar algo! O sorteio vai ser feito online no dia 18/Junho de 2021 e contactaremos quem ganhar cada livro para combinar as entregas. Compra já a tua rifa por 1€ usando o formulário. E continua com atenção, pois temos ainda mais livros prontos para os próximos sorteios!

Learn the worst, most despicable, dastardly and downright dishonest game mastering tricks, traps and tactics that will make you the GM your players love to hate! John Wick’s monthly game master advice column in Pyramid was the most controversial in the magazine’s history. It was seen by some as revolutionary and dismissed as others as downright dangerous. Collected here for the first time are all eleven episodes including “Hit ‘em Where it Hurts” (the Gaming Outpost article that served as a prelude to the mayhem that was to come), a new introduction and closing statements by the author.

“The Gate

Through me the road to the city of desolation,

Through me the road to sorrows diuturnal,

Through me the road among the lost creation.

Justice moved my great maker; God Eternal

Wrought me: The Power, and the unsearchable

High Wisdom, and the Prime Love Supernal.

Nothing ere I was made was made to be

Save things eterne, and I eterne abide;

Lay down all hope, You that go in by me.”

Don Dante - Inferno IIIJJ:I-99

“Lovely little game. Clever. Astutely desigend.” - Bernie DeKoven

“A delightful experience with a unique perspective on games, play and fun.” - James Wallis

“Fantastic!” - BBC Worlwide

“Cat on Yer Head is an extraordinary game, where players are not protagonists or antagonists but parts of the playfield, intelligente pixels guiding the course of cats and mice that literally don’t exist but want to catch each other anyway.” - James Wallis

St. Erisian’s school for girls has stood for over a hundred years and survived war, plague, famine, demonic attack, strange explosions in the science block and countless attempts to get it closed by the government.

However, to be fair, not all of these disasters were the fault of the girls who study there.

As one of the schoolgirls, all manner of threats are lined up against you: criminals, school inspectors, zombies, demons and not least of all, the other girls.

However, you have the skills to fight back and the will to fight dirty. You also have the motto of the school to guide you -

“Teach it to them before they teach it to you”


Across the ages, the Centurions of the Century Club have fought to shape history for the betterment of man.


Dark forces are at work. Shadows, cast by the death of the past, hound the Centurions at every turn. Ancient Millennials bend entire nations to their will, pursuing agendas both hidden...and arcane.


The Deadly Doctor Methuselah seeks to unravel time itself with his solution to the Eternity Equation… Gorilla Khan stalks darkest Africa from conquered Atlantis… Mad scientists, strange sorcerers, and power-hungry dictators all seek to undo the fate of mankind. It's the final century of the second millennium, and you are humanity's last hope!


Spirits of the Century is a complete, stand-alone pulp, role-playing game based on the award winning Fate system. All you need to play are some friends, some dice, and this book.

An apocalypse that never arrived. An ancient secret society in turmoil. Your loyalties are divided. Your beliefs are in doubt. Do you stand with a shattered sect, or let it fall into chaos?


Trade the guilds for gangs and the staff for Glocks. Trade the folklore for funk and the history for hip-hop. Trade homes for CDs, bards for DJs, trade minstrels for MCs. Trade what you think for the harsh reality.

This is a world where slingers peel each other’s caps for the secrets of the streets. This is a time just before it all went commercial and everybody and their mama has a record deal.

This is a world just one beat from our own where magic has hit mainstream and slingers-turned-rappers are getting gold records while sowing discord among the elders.

This is a world where saying too much can cost you your life. Take it from me, kid, life on the street ain’t no plaything and you have to work for your payday.

Not all miracles are holy An Action-packed fast-play adventure for the Esoterrorists Profane Miracles is designed for a group of 3-6 players looking for a fast-paced, action-packed adventure to set the blood pumping. It’s easy to pick up and play. Jonathan Bentley, millionaire financier, has been raised from the dead at a Los Angeles charity ball by self-styled “psychic to the stars” Cassandra Madrigal. Is Bentley really alive, or in some other state? What is his wife Grace’s involvement? Is Madrigal an agent of esoterror, and how deep does the conspiracy go? Your team must move from the opulence of high society, to the dangers of The Core and Skid row, to mansions and hospitals. If you can avoid heavily armed criminals and survive the machinations of esoterror agents unscathed, it will be a miracle in itself.

Six months ago, Ordo Veritatis agent John Sheldon went off the organisation's radar following an emotional breakdown in the wake of losing his wife in a car crash. He held his sister, fellow Ordo Veritatis agent Caroline Sheldon, responsible for the death as she was drunk at the wheel that night. Psychiatric Metrics feared John went out to perform a solo mission to expose the heart of an Esoterrorist funding network he had uncovered in Amsterdam. The proposal for that mission had been shelved months ago due to its low probability of success. When his body turns up in Amsterdam, evidently the sacrifice in an Esoterrorist ritual, the eye of suspicion turns on you and the rest of the team Sheldon left behind. Are you guilty by mere association, or are you innocent of his fate? You have to find out what happened to your friend and colleague, and in the process clear your name in the eyes of the Ordo Veritatis. From Amsterdam’s skyscrapers to helicopters over the North Sea, you must race to stop the event Sheldon’s grisly death set in motion or risk the membrane shattering for good. The Love of Money in an Esoterrorists adventure for 4-6 players from experienced GM and Pelgrane Crew favourite, Matthew Sanderson. It is designed as a single stand-alone adventure with pre-generated characters provided, but can be tweaked to accommodate integration into an ongoing campaign.

A Game of Wagers, Wine, and Competitive Lying

“It has come to my notice that many games of late have been of a deplorably low quality, borrowing ideas from hither and yon, with not a shred of originality to them (I shall name no names). Therefore I, the renowned Baron Munchausen, have created a new game of the role-playing ilk, based upon the stories of my astonishing travels and surprising adventurers, for the enjoyment and edification of noblemen* and their friends.” Join the Baron as he journeys to the Moon and the Sun, rides cannon-balls, defeats the entire Turkish army with only a tame rabbit and a bottle of schnapps, meets gods, giants and heroes, and escapes from bandits on half a horse. The extraordinary stories of the legendary eighteenth-century nobleman come to life as players battle to outdo each other´s fabulous feats and amazing accomplishments, stretching the bounds of truthfulness until they twang. The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen contains a full set of rules, background, more than two hundred adventures ready to be played, a revolutionary system of mechanics that does away with dice or cards and uses money and fine wine instead, two combat systems (“duelling” and “duelling for cowards”), quick-start rules and a great many insults against the inhabitants of various nations, but principally the French. This game can be learned in under five minutes, requires no GM or preparation, and takes about an hour to play. You will require pencil, paper, imagination, a manservant, money, a selection of fine wines, noble blood, a sense of flamboyance, and at least one attractive member of the opposite sex (optional). How is all this possible? If Baron Munchausen’s involved, anything is possible.

This is an age where the world is slowly shrinking. Colonial powers are extending their grip on Africa and Asia, brave men and women are venturing ever further into the great wildernesses in search of lost civilizations, new species of plants and animals, and to map the unexplored tracts. Travel between the great population centers has never been so easy, yet travel into the wilderness remains fraught with danger and mystery. This quickstart edition specially produced for UK games expo 2011 contains:

An introduction to ubiquity

Two short adventures

Six sample characters

Enough rules for you to play the adventures contained within this volume

Aquelarre es un juego de rol basado en las tradiciones legendarias hispanas, ambientado en la Baja Edad Media durante los años 1350/1450. En estos años se están gestando toda una serie de corrientes de pensamiento, que finalmente darán como resultado, mucho más tarde, la aparición del Renacimiento, con nuevos valores y nuevas formas de ver la vida. En el juego se presupone que todos los seres legendarios de los cuentos y tradiciones populares existieron realmente, que la magia es tan real como la ciencia y que las mismas leyendas son hechos históricos. Así, los personajes del juego se van a tener que enfrentar con el Lobisome de Galicia, los Duendes Castellanos, los Guls de Al-Andalus o los Follets de Cataluña. A éstos hay que sumar las criaturas que figuran en los capiteles románicos y en las miniaturas de los códices religiosos: tanto engendros demoníacos dispuestos a devorar nuestra alma como seres angélicos que vienen a castigar nuestros pecados. Por su parte, los jugadores interpretan a personajes que representan hombres y mujeres medievales normales, con sus defectos y sus virtudes, con sus limitaciones y sus ventajas. El juego está basado en fuentes históricas, pero no hay que confundirlo con un manual de Historia: convertir un período tan complejo de la historia en reglas jugables ha obligado a su autor a generalizar mucho. Aquelarre es un juego de Ambiente histórico medieval, no un juego histórico medieval. Las bendiciones de Adonai estén (una vez más) contigo.

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