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Root: The Roleplaying Game – Pellenicky Glade

Game Master: Nicolau Tudela

Player Count: 3 – 4
Game system: Powered by the Apocalypse

Language spoken: Português
Language dependency
(character sheet reading): English

Root: The Roleplaying Game is based on Leder Games’s award-winning Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right board game about conflict and power, featuring struggles between cats, birds, mice, and more.

In Root: The RPG, you all play Vagabonds, denizens of the Woodland who have been cast out of “civilized” society, whether by their own volition or by exile. You venture throughout the Woodland fulfilling jobs, having adventures, and tipping the scales in the conflict between the factions. This game focuses on fun adventurous action and escapades, on the meaningful, lasting backdrop of the Woodland and its war. You’ll get into big fights and stage cunning heists, and you’ll earn reputation with different Woodland factions, perhaps even helping them to take control over clearings.

Rules Video (14 min.)

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  • Contacto telefónico: 910602529
  • Número mínimo de jogadores: 3
  • Número máximo de jogadores: 4

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