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Root: The Roleplaying Game [Evento de Jogos Narrativos]

Esta sessão faz parte do evento de jogos narrativos de novembro.


Bertram’s Cove

Standing on the deck of the pirate ship Twice Sunk, the silhouette
of Bertram’s Cove appears in the distance, backlit by the rising sun.
The smells of drying salted fish, morning fires, and freshly-pitched
hulls mix as the ship approaches the river mooring.
As the full light of the day takes hold, the sheer overwhelming
scale of Grand Lake becomes evident. Fishing vessels fill the cove’s
harbor with a bustle of activity. One large Marquisate brig, Le
Grande Tigre, sits in a silent watch over the proceedings as it
undergoes repairs. Glittering jewels of light dance across the
water on the farthest reaches of the western horizon where one
normally expects the hint of a distant shore.
Once the ship is tethered to the inspection dock, dockmaster
Daisy Delaware walks boldly up the plank to collect both harbor
taxes and juicy gossip in equal measure. Across the pier a military
officer, Marquisate Commandant Astrid Montague, stands in
gleaming armor dressing down a small group of troops. They are
surrounded by a sea of brightly-colored wanted posters plastered
to every piling. Each poster features a ridiculously grim face, with
scars and fangs and red eyes, framed by bold lettering declaring,
“Captain Sparrowhawk—Wanted dead or alive.”
Root: The Roleplaying Game is based on the award-winning Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right board game by Leder Games and Powered by the Apocalypse System. You play vagabonds, going on adventures and changing the Woodland with your actions.

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