19:00 - 20:30

Cooperative Night: Pandemic


Pandemic Legacy, the Board-Game Series for the Age of the Coronavirus | The  New Yorker

Covid is in a thing of the past! 4 new viruses broke out and are on the loose and we’ve got to stop it!

Pandemic is a cooperative game where players get together to stop 4 viruses from spreading all over the world. It is a lot of fun and involves strategizing together and working as a group.

Each player chooses a character from a pool of options and each individual character has its own perks and special abilities.

Tonight we will get together to play one or 2 rounds of PANDEMIC, grab a couple beers and snacks and have fun.

The game will be held in English and we have 2 free spots for people willing to join and maybe make some new friends.

  • Contacto telefónico: 912589304
  • Número mínimo de jogadores: 1
  • Número máximo de jogadores: 2

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