20:00 - 23:55

Cards + Boardgames + Drinks!

Hey everyone!

Let’s get together, play games, and get some drinks and snacks :)! (don’t feel pressured to drink though!)

Since the first time we did this went well, let’s keep the good vibes going :)!

Just show up ready to play and let’s have a fun night, no preparation is needed!

For visitors of this association, there’s a 1 euro fee to enter and you can stay for the whole day and play whatever game you like :).

Last time we played games like Joking Hazard, Cards Against Humanity, Resistance, Letter Jam, Codenames, Dixit, Cockroach Poker, Unstable Unicorns, and many more fun games 🙂

See yall there!

  • Contacto telefónico: 915360571
  • Número mínimo de jogadores: 2
  • Número máximo de jogadores: 12

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