5 minute tolerance, before the start of the session
18:00 - 21:15

Beginners Session – D&D 5e [English Session]

On an escort trip to Baldur’s Gate, something nefarious haunts the local forest. Missing people and strange rumors complicate your mission. Join a group of adventurers and come investigate and stop the danger that dwells in the forest.


  • This session will be in English, and aimed for players age 15+.
  • Pre-made character sheets and dice will be provided to participants (if you wish, you can bring your own dice set).

This session will have a 3€ fee, which will be paid at the table.

To sign up: write your name in the comment section of this page.

  • Contacto telefónico: 937331117
  • Número mínimo de jogadores: 3
  • Número máximo de jogadores: 5

11 respostas

    1. Hello Olga
      No worries. This session is perfect for players that want to try D&D 5e, but never played before.
      Your seat is reserved.

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